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What is the

Paddock Arts Legacy Scholarship (PALS)?


This is a college scholarship fund that was set up specifically to give back to the wonderful Paddock community for their amazing support of the arts programs at the school. It is intended for former students who are Seniors in high school and want to pursue the Arts in college and potentially a career in the Arts. The Arts have shown to be such a transformative force in our community by inspiring students to pursue their gifts and their passion in college and in the work force. This is the only elementary school scholarship in Illinois that is open to supporting all aspects of the arts, Music, Visual Arts (film, animation, graphic design, etc.), drama, fashion design, Sound engineering, and more.
The application for the scholarship opened in  August of 2016 with the first scholarships awarded in spring of 2017. Applicants who apply will submit a portfolio or samples of work applicable to their college major. These would be judged by a panel upon set criteria. Applicants also must get a letter of Recommendation and be enrolled in a college


Application for our Arts Scholarship are open.  We will be accepting applications from September 1, 2022 through January 31st, 2023



If you have questions or more information please contact me at or call me at 847-963-5856 (press 1)

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