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Audition Monologues

Click on the PDF files below to download the monologue files.    Each one contains multiple monologues.  Please choose one that best suits your personality.

Audition Song List
(Musicals audition only)

Audition Scoring


Projection: The volume of your voice.  Not screaming but talking loudly.

Diction: How clearly we can understand your words. Not rushed, mumbled, dropped, etc.

Expression: The emotion within you show in your voice within the monologue.

Stage Presence:  The emotion you show with your body language.

Preparation: Do you come prepared with a monologue.  Is it evident that you have it memorized?


Singing (only for musicals)

Rhythm:  Singing with a steady tempo

Melody:   Are you singing in tune?  Are you supporting high notes with lots of breath?

Diction:  Are you articulating each word so that an audience can understand what you are saying?

Expression:  Using the stage while singing, making notes legato (longer) or staccato (shorter) to bring them out

Preparation:  Is your song memorized?  Are you singing with confidence?

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