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India - Taj Mahal -   Architecture


As a class we talked about the role of Architects and Architecture in the world of art.  How some artist’s jobs are to design buildings that are not only useful but has aesthetic value too.  We looked at the Taj Mahal as an example of architecture in India.  The Taj Mahal (also "the Taj") is considered the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements from Persian, Turkish, Indian, and Islamic architectural styles. 


The children learned some background behind why the Taj Mahal was built and the time and effort that went into building it.  We looked at three architectural forms; columns, domes, reflecting pools, and arches.  The children then designed their own version of the Taj Mahal.  After drawing it in they could use crayons and watercolors to add in color or they could leave parts white like the original Taj Mahal.  Many children were inspired to add gardens and to keep their building designs symmetrical.

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