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Frida Kahlo - Portraits - Proportion - Repetition/Variety


We studied the portraits and life of Frida Kahlo.  Studying how her portraits/artwork showed the different challenges she had in her life. 

We studied several portraits and how we can learn about the people that were painted by the objects around the subject or the setting.  The students learned about the proportions of the face and spent several weeks practicing different facial features. This is perhaps one of the hardest pieces of art the students will do in elementary school.  Because we are so use to viewing the human face, we are very quick to point out any disproportionate features in a self-portrait.  Students tend to be very critical of their pieces because it is not “perfect”. The goal here was not to have the self-portraits be perfect, but their final piece should represent an improvement in the understanding of the proportions of the face.

The children could choose a famous person to draw a portrait of, a friend or self portrait.

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