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Salvador Dali - Surrealism

The students learned about Surrealism and how Salvador Dali contributed to this art movement.  Surrealist produced artwork with fantastic imagery that had unnatural or irrational combinations.  Many of their ideas/inspirations came from their dreams.  Whatever images popped into their minds they would combine into a piece or art.  The Surrealists thought their strange works of art would make people think, and discover new feelings.   They felt that stirring up thoughts from the backs of people’s minds was important for the artist to do. 


As a class the children started with a one point perspective of a room.  From there they had an option of how they wanted people to view their room.  Next they ustilezed optic weave techniques in the walls and tried to combine objects in unusual compositions.  They tried several combinations before they were satisfied with their final drawings.  One of the most important goals on this artwork was to try and get the viewers attention by doing something different and making the viewer pause at the artwork and really analyze it.  The result was some very unique pieces that the students enjoyed showing off to their friends. 


Salvador Dali - Car Clothing .JPG
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