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Paul Klee - Abstraction

We looked at the works of Paul Klee and learned about the artistic movement of abstraction vs. realism.  After discussing how one might show an object abstractly the children tried their hand in abstracting some objects.  Their classmates then had to guess what the object was they abstracted, and the artist had to explain how his/her drawing still captured the essense of the object they were drawing.


Next the children viewed several magazines and picked out animal photos that they were interested them.  Next they created some rough sketches of their ideas.  After looking at their sketches they chose one that best represented abstraction principles  and created a final piece.  The children worked on simplifying the objects and trying to represent the animal with simple shapes.  They were free to repeat shapes or objects that they found fascinating and asked to think of viewing the animal from several different viewpoints.  Using oil pastels the finished artwork is something even Paul Klee would be proud of.

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