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We read the book Dex: The Heart of a Hero by  Caralyn Buehner, Mark Buehner and discussed the differences of a hero and a superhero.  All heroes and superheros have origin stories.  Something that motivates them to become a hero.  The children brainstormed ideas for their own created hero.  It could be human, animal, or some sort of creature that was created in the depths of their mind. 


We had several students pose in superhero poses so that the class could see how to draw the form using a stick figure structure.  Next they wrote down their ideas and the origin story for their hero, they began to draw them.  

They had their choice of media for coloring and how to finalize their piece. Some left it on one paper, some created cut outs, while others cut it out and layered it onto another paper for a background.

Dex The Heart of a Hero - Character Creation

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