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6th Grade Projects

   6th Grade art class is run as a studio class.  The children have a choice of 3 projects for the Trimester.  Based on the amount of details and complexity of their artwork they may complete all three over the term or less than three.

           At the end of the term each student will self evaluate their growth and present what they have accomplished over the term and recommend a grade for themselves based on their work ethic and growth in their artistic journey.

1st Term - Identity Exploration

Tessellations - Patterning and repetition

2nd Term - My Voice 

Clay Relief/Frieze - Intaglio, Low and High relief - What You Value
Contrast Piece - Op Art - Conflicts in life
Character Design - Video Games/ Comics/ Movies

3rd Term - Contemporary Issues

Google Doodle -Capturing Contemporary Issues
Clay - Capturing Contemporary Imagination
Micrography - Capturing Contemporary Imagination
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