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Portraits - When Pigcasso Met Mootise

We read the book When Pigasso Met Mootisse by by Nina Laden, which tells a story about two very different artists and their styles.  They both do not like each other's style and think their point of view is the best.  After various episodes they begin to appreciate things that are different than their own perspective.

We learned about how there are different ways to draw a face,(Front, side, 3/4) and the different ways you can draw facial features..  The children then had a choice to either capture themselves in a drawing or a friend. 

Children had a choice to try and draw the face as realistic as they wanted or create an amalgamation of realism and artistic interpretation.  Once they finished that they had a choice to add in some items in the background that helped us understand more about the subject that was drawn or create a design to help the portrait stand out.

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