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Character Design - Drawing figures, cloth, and symbols


For this project the children looked at the occupation of a Character Designer.  This was a multifaceted project that had the children working in teams.  First they brainstormed many different themes that they could base their character on.  Once a theme was decided we worked on drawing different action poses so that their characters would have active pose.  Several rough sketches were done.  Next we studied how to draw cloth and clothes on people.  They created several sketches trying to understand how to use wrinkles and folds to create a fabric texture.  Lastly they needed to design the environment or background for their character.  It was suppose to emphasize the theme or the pose of the character.  During the weeks the children worked on these they met several times with their create teams to discuss issues that were problematic.  They students were allowed to use any media of their choice.  If you visit the student gallary at Paddock you can see their creations reflect many themes from the past, and keeps a pulse on current themes. 

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